animato® is a brand new app, that lets you create your own stickers. You can animate and share them with your friends using your favorite messenger.



Stickering the easy way.
Have you ever wondered how you can express your emotions in a even better way? Go for animato® stickers! Animate them, share them and get your friends wow'ed!

Change Handles

Rig Stickers to animate fluidly.
Rig your sticker with point handles to animate it fluidly. Add and remove handles easily by touching the desired region. animato® let's you create as many as you want!

Use Photos

Be creative, make Stickers from photos!
What is funnier than animating your friends head or let your breakfast mug dance? That's easy with animato®! Just take a picture or select one from your photo stream.


Animate Stickers

Get your Stickers moving.
Animate your stickers either purchased in the animato® StickerStore or created by your own. The touched based non-linear animator let's you conduct emotions tangibly.

AR Fun

Your Stickers, your story!
Place your animato® Sticker creation or a purchased Sticker in your selected private or public environment. It's just so much fun, sharing your personal story this way!



Smoother self made Stickers.
The step where you cut out your favorite pictures is that simple. Just take the picture of the desire object in front of a clear background and animato® will cut it out by itself.



Get them Stickers out!
Share your stickers with your best friends over this feature. Use any of your favorite messaging apps to let your friends participate on your personal animato® story!

Record Audio

Dance, Sticker, dance!
AR Fun comes with audio recording, meaning your can give your sticker a voice or animate them to your favorite soundtracks! Take them party with animato®!

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