our mission

Come play! At kindergarten.io we are developing and designing mobile apps which make daily life more playful and fun. Make your daily life your greatest playground!


Stefan Messmer

Development / Concept

Stefan is a rooted computer geometry super mind and entrepreneur. He is a Co-Founder of kindergarten.io and developer of animato®. He works in tech ad holds an MA in computer science from ETH Zurich.

Signe Fleischmann

Design / Concept

Signe is a designer, technology enthusiast and Montessori fan. He is a Co-Founder of kindergarten.io and designed animato®. He is a self employed Creative Director and FC graphic designer from BfG Zurich.

Olga Sorkine

Technical Advisory

Olga is a computer geometry maniac. She advises Stefan and Signe in technical topics. She is a associate professor at the IGL at ETH Zurich and holds a PHD in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Andrej Voina

Sales / Public Relations

Andrej is our specialist in public relations and sales, he is a futurist and deeply believes in online content marketing. He is self employed and holds a BA in publishing and journalism from MAZ Lucerne.